The ProtoSports Holster for the iPhone

by Kyle Stiles August 23, 2012

Obviously not everyone records their swing when they go to the range, but a lot of us do. When you get there, what do you use? High speed cameras are great and very effective. They have great FPS and when taking a lesson from a coach it is a no brainer. However, there are those times (in my case it seems to be most times) that I am either practicing alone or I am surrounded by a bunch of strangers, but still want to video my swings. My go to video device is my iPhone. In the past there were only a couple of ways to video my swing using an iPhone. I either rigged something up on my bag which failed about 80% of the time, or I had to have someone stand there and hold my phone until I was done. It was very frustrating for me, and I couldn't believe that there wasn't an easier way to video than that.

That's why ProtoSports created a mounting device using something that almost every golfer had. Its called the ProtoSports Holster. It is a clip designed for the iPhone that allows you to connect your iPhone to an alignment stick for hands free video anywhere on the golf course. It works great and I never have the problems with video that I used to. Now, all you have to do is take an alignment rod, slide it into the ground, and connect your iPhone at whatever height desired and start videoing.

The versatility of the holster is endless and not limited to full swings. It can be used to monitor putter swing path, skid rate of your ball, set up, hand action for chipping and bunker play etc... 

There are a few players on the PGA Tour, tour, and the Egolf Professional Tour who are currently using the holster and love how effective it is. A couple that include Martin Piller, (2011 PGA TOUR and 2012 tour) and Drew Weaver Egolf Professional Tour money leader 2012. We also have a growing list of universities that have gotten them for their players such as the University of Georgia, Furman, Mercer, Georgia State, and Arizona State University. 


Kyle Stiles
Kyle Stiles