The Holster

Improve the Way You Practice

ProtoSports has created a cost effective new clip that allows for standalone video on almost any outdoor surface. Whether your an occasional or avid golfer, you are going to absolutely love our new holster. Our inspiration spurred from our own frustrating experiences with video using the iPhone. The ProtoSports Holster allows us to utilize our time on the range, without the hassle of traditional video stands, such as tripods.


We wanted a video capturing system that was light, portable, and at our fingertips when we were practicing. The holster saves both time and money. All you need is a holster and an alignment rod.  It's also a very effective method for utilizing iPhone applications designed for swing breakdown. It aids in producing consistent feedback during training and eliminates bad camera angles and shaky videos caused by human error. 


 It is also incredibly versatile. Some of the most crucial shots from around the green require good mechanics, and are often times overlooked. All of these can be captured by using the Holster. 

                          Video Putting Strokes on the Practice Green                                   


Check Ball Position and Set Up in the Bunker