Instructions and Tips


Photo/Video Recording Instructions:

*Please note that this is a feature of the JettiStix that you MUST use at your own phone's risk.  We are not responsible for damaged phones as a result of a failed setup.


Down The Line Drill:

In this scenario, the golfer is having trouble getting to far underneath the swing plane. JettiStix can bend into an appropriate angle for the golfer to have positive feedback during his swing.  If he hits the JettiStix there is less repercussion than if he were to hit a solid rod. 


 Through Impact:

In this photo, the golfer can follow the direction of the JettiStix for swing path improvement through impact.  This is a great drill if the golfer struggles coming over the top. If you have the opposite problem of swinging too much to the outside, you can set the JettiStix on the other side of the plane. This will keep you swinging more to the inside.